Nino Blaq – T.R.U.T.H Hosted by Black Bill Gates x DJ Cassius Cain x DJ Such n Such x DJ JumpOff


If you’re tired of being lied to, this is the tape for you! Some of the most thought provoking music I’ve heard in a long time.  With some very dope production to top it off… Hopefully we’ll see ya’ll tonight at the Department Store on Edgewood for the listening party from 7p-11p

1. Intro Interlude
2. My Own Planet      produced by Ham Kuntry Boy Fresh & Gutta Hitz
3. Feelings               produced by Genocide Beats
4. No Other Way       produced by Genocide Beats
5. Misery Love Company  feat Bipolar HB  produced by Genocide Beats
6. Jewelz                produced by Genocide Beats
7. Having Money   feat Kiyana Neal   produced by Genocide Beats
8. Trap Conscious   produced by Genocide Beats
9. Moor Interlude
10. Mystery          feat Bankroll Pj  produced by Genocide Beats
11. God is My Witness       produced by Genocide Beats
12. 4th Dimensional      feat Spotlife HB  produced by Genocide Beats
13. Ali Interlude
14. White Man’s Heaven       produced by Genocide Beats
15. Mansa Musa             produced by Genocide Beats
16. Malcolm X interlude
17. Aborignal          feat Rico Stacks  produced by Genocide Beats
18. Family Man      produced by Genocide Beats
19. Organic          produced by Genocide Beats
20. Perfect Picture     feat Kiyana Neal  produced by Genocide Beats
21. Live Life        produced by Genocide Beats

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