From The Weekend: Meek Mill x Beanie Sigel x Omelly vs The Game ???

If you out living your life, and came back to work this morning, you’re probably like “How TF did these two end up beefing?”  The report from the weekend suggests that it all may be over  a chain snatching involving Sean Kingston, though some law enforcement officials are saying that investigation is done, due to Kingston’s lack of cooperation.  They also added that Game was never a suspect.  Game had a show in Miami at the beginning of the weekend, where he called out Meek for snitching on him.  The next morning, 92 Bars was premiered on The Breakfast Club and was accompanied by another new track from his upcoming project 1992 titled “True Colors”

I know what you’re thinking, WCW, and you have every reason.

Then Sunday came…. and the Meek Mill track Ooouuu with assists from Omelly and yes, Beanie Sigel with one line.  It all provided much needed entertainment and energy to hip hop, I have to admit the Drake situation had run its course. I just pray that it all stays in the music, though shots were fired at Game’s show in Miami where the initial diss occurred.  Check out the music below and vote for who you think won this round


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