With No Apparent Motive, Atlanta-Area Female Lures A Man to his Death via Dating App

After doing some research, this is becoming a steady problem in America.  It would seem that men are being preyed upon through dating apps/sites.  These women out here are savage, please put on the armor of education and (not so) common sense. This is the reason I love what I do, keeps me and those around me on our toes.  What’s sad about this one, as said in the article title, had no apparent motive.



Questions still abound in the Sept. 1 murder of 23-year-old Norcross resident Jordan Collins, but warrants released Monday suggest his death was the result of a date gone wrong.

Clarissa McGhee, a baby-faced 21-year-old McDonough resident, is accused of meeting the victim at a Redan home “under the pretense of a date” before “luring” him outside, where he was shot to death. The two reportedly met on the PlentyOfFish online dating site. The warrants also allege McGhee shot Collins’ surviving brother, Chad Collins, five times “with intent to murder” as he tried to help Jordan Collins.

The most glaring question not answered by the documents is: Why?

DeKalb police spokesman Maj. Stephen Fore said Monday the investigation was still active and he hoped to have more information to release later in the week.

It wasn’t immediately clear how many people have been charged in the case. The warrants list four other adults besides McGhee and the brothers who were at the home during the shooting. Fore said the department wasn’t prepared to release information on “the possibility of additional suspects…”

Three children were also there but weren’t injured.

McGhee remained jailed Monday after her Saturday arrest.

The shooting happened early in the morning at a home off Tunbridge Wells Road, according to police.

Chad Collins, 24, told police his brother went outside to quiet a barking dog, at the request of McGhee and others. He reported hearing his brother say “chill out,” before a gunshot. Chad Collins then ran outside to help and was also shot.

Everyone fled the scene, except for Jordan Collins, who lay dead on the back patio.

A search of a cell phone led police to McGhee, the warrants say.


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