Gucci Mane: The Return of East Atlanta Santa will drop before year’s end

In the middle of celebrating the WoptoberFest Week, Guwop announces that The Return of East Atlanta Santa will occur December 16! Wow  that’s my best friend’s birthday so she already knows what she’s gettin! LOL

Adrien Broner hints at committing suicide via Social Media

Earlier today boxer Adrien Broner posted some pretty cryptic messages indcating that he may harm himself or someone else via instagram.

What surprises me more than the fact that he may be seeking some help or crying out for help, is the fact that there are people encouraging him to do harm to himself… Where does the decline in morals and society as whole end?

The Colin Kaepernick drought is Over, to Start On Sunday

After five weeks of seeing whether or not Blaine Gabbert would work out, the San Francisco 49ers give the revolutionary Colin Kaepernick the nod for starting on Sunday versus the challenged Buffalo Bills.  This happens as the controversy surrounding his taking a knee during the honoring of the American Flag.  Personally I think is a long time coming after Blaine’s 1-4 start, let’s just hope CK is focused and game-ready because he didn’t have a great run last time he was in the saddle on Nov. 1st of last year.