Tourist Attraction to Crime Scene : Sisters Found Murdered on Vacation


Seychelles (pronounced SaShelz) is a beautiful place that’s made up of about 90 Islands in the Indian Ocean, some are larger and smaller than others, but in total there’s about 90 of them. Seychelles sits 600 plus miles away from Madagascar and the population to date is 87,500.

All of the islands that encompass Seychelles are known for the crystal blue waters, deep green grass, bright sand and rocky decor, traveling here is where you leave all of your cares and stresses behind, you are “Footloose and Fancy Free.”  This getaway is f unfilled for most that come and go, but not for the American Minnesota sisters who were found dead in their Island Villa.

Robin Korkki 42 and her younger sister Annie Korkki 37 were found dead in there resort room by the staff. Reportedly there were no signs of trauma or violence, the  staff members that discovered the bodies made no mention of anything being out of place or ransacked. This popular destination is now trending for more than its pristine beaches,  coral reefs and warm waters. No bright green grass can take the place of the answers needed to bring closure to the family of these two women. Popular tourists attraction to trending crime scene.


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