To vote or not to vote? That is the question…..


a No Sleep Til Monday Editorial by Twelve

You can’t be forced or coerced to vote, even though voting is one of the most important rights and responsibilities that United States citizens have, there’s still the question of voting or not voting. Nearly 150 million citizens are qualified to vote, but many don’t exercise their rights and complain about who’s in office later. It’s important to know that EVERY vote counts! A quote from George Jean Nathan an American drama critic and magazine editor, who graduated from Cornell University in 1904 states:



The power of the people a.ka. “People Power” is the only thing that can keep the foolishness away, its understood that nothing is absolute when dealing with the U.S. Government, but surely if citizens band together the tyranny will be kept at bay. Voting can make you feel like a super hero, at least for the time you’re standing in line waiting to cast your vote, standing against injustice, and fighting for truth.

There are some who would present a challenge about the pros of voting. It’s often stated that one vote doesn’t count… and that is far from true. No matter who what candidate you like the best or the part you choose to support in the upcoming election, make sure your decisions are informed, do research about the candidates, don’t rely on television soundbites to make an accurate decision.

The role we play in picking the country’s leader and changing laws is crucial and for the betterment of the country. There’s nine days left to register to vote and 37 days before the election. Exercise your right, make your vote count and remember “BAD OFFICIALS ARE ELECTED BY GOOD CITIZENS WHO DON’T VOTE.”


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